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        About Us
        Contact Us

        Shenma Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Add: 63 Middle Jianshe Road, Pingdingshan City, Henan, China
        P. C.: 467000
        Tel: +86-375-3921222
        Fax: +86-375-3921500

        About Us

        Shenma Industrial Co., Ltd. (Shenma Corporation), holding by is China Pingmei Shenma Group, is a large-sized enterprise that engages in chemical and chemical fiber. It is the management platform of nylon plate of China Pingmei Shenma Group. Stock abbreviation is Shenma stock, and stock code is 600810.
        Shenma has the most complete nylon industrial chain with the highest technical content an the most featured circular economy in the world.
        The production capacity of our leading products nylon 66 industrial yarn and cord fabric ranks the first in the world; the production capacity of nylon 66 salt and nylon 66 slice ranks the first in Asia. "Shenma" brand has won titles such as "China Top Brand", "China Famous Brand", and etc. Shenma nylon products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, America, and Asia, and they are highly praised by clients both at home and abroad.
        Anticipation in 1977, Henan Pingdingshan Nylon Cord Fabric Factory was started to establish
        Sailing in 1981, it was put into operation
        Growth in 1994, it became the first listed company in Henan
        Innovation in 1998, nylon 66 salt and slice were established and put into operation
        Extension in 2006, the company entered into air bag yarn industry
        Development in 2012, cord fabric and industrial yarn production lines in nylon industrial park were put into operation
        Strengthening in 2015, adipic acid and caprolactam in nylon industrial park were put into operation

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